Always make a backup of your data before changing versions.

  1. Fixed a bug in the sales tax setup screen.  When all child taxes within a tax group are deleted the group's tax percent should be set to zero until it is changed by the user.  The bug was causing the tax percent to be NULL which caused errors in CF when trying to view history or start a transaction.

  2. Added additional resource (memory) cleanup after running a report.
  3. Added a new command line switch for performing a database restore.  This can be used to automatically restore the database to a failover system in the event of a disaster.  The new command line switch and arguments are as follows:  CashFootprintPOS.exe /restore /f "{file_name}" /s
  4. Added new crash protection handling when computer power is abruptly cut.
  5. Refactored some code for efficiency.
  6. Added in-app purchasing to allow for new activations, upgrades, and terminal additions.  Activation will happen immediately without assistance from LotHill support staff.  Purchases can be made with PayPal or credit card.
  7. Updated activation (FKA registration) screens to be more intuitive.
  8. Update customer lookup screen to match grid color of main customer area.  This will give the user an immediate visual cue that they are search in the correct screen. (Inventory vs Customers)
  9. Added more swipe support for Gift Card swiping.  Now supports track 1 only, track 2 only and track one and two.  If track two is provided then the account number will be pulled from track two.
  10. Added an employee permission to Allow employee to tender donations.  Includes manager override.  Default is off for new employees and on for existing employees (simulates existing behavior).

  11. Added customer shipping address
  12. Updated Invoice to place totals and notes at the bottom of the receipt at all times (regardless of item count).  The invoice will now fill the page.
  13. Added direct email integration for customers.Employees or managers can create lists (think email distribution list or mailing list) for customers too. This means customers can be assigned to groups and employees or managers can send emails to those groups. This will eliminate the hassle of select person by person.