Always make a backup of your data before changing versions.

1. Added refund permission and manager override verification to Credit button on POS screen.

2. Profit breakdown report now requires user permissions for viewing inventory cost.

3. Updated Inventory reports. Item cost columns will now be shown or hidden based on user permissions.

4. Updated Inventory Search screen. Item cost columns will now be shown or hidden based on user permissions.

5. Updated Inventory and Receiving screens. Item cost value will now be shown or masked based on user permissions. Values can still be changed, but they are masked similar to a password (ex: ****)

6. Added customer tax setting. Options are Taxable, Non-taxable or selected.

7. Added an optional prompt when starting a transaction that will ask the user if hey want to assign a customer. Yes, No or No, Stop Asking are the choices. Stop Asking requires manager approval and the manager must have access to the system options.

8. Fixed Save feature within Inventory when adding linked items upon initial item creation. Application will now switch into edit mode after initial save.

9. Fixed Refund tab order. First focus should be item number/sku.

10. Fixed sale list within the main POS or Refund screen. If the list has focus, any normal keystroke will return focus to the item number box.

11. Fixed Physical Inventory Update. The update now supports files with header rows and will properly overwrite inventory when that option is selected.

12. Now caching sales tax when transaction begins. this allows for faster transaction processing when there are a large number of items in the sale list.

13. Due to the tax cache change above, sales tax details can no longer be changed while a transaction is in progress. The default tax, item and customer taxes can be changed, but any details of a specific tax cannot be.

14. Locked down assigned customer for refunds. If the transaction originally had a customer it cannot be changed for tracking purposes. If the transaction did not have a customer originally, one may be assigned; however the customers tax settings will not affect the transaction.

15. Customers can now be assigned to a transaction before or after the transaction has been started. All items in the sale list will update dynamically to accommodate any customer tax or discount settings.

16. Removed void confirmation message. If print on demand is on then the user will still be asked if they would like to print a void receipt.

17. Fixed repeat button on transaction history. button will now be disabled when a voided transaction is selected.

18. Added Discount Manager. DM replaces the Extended pricing tab within inventory. Discounts can now be applied to items or attribute groups.