1. Disabled deletion of logged in account.
  2. Fixed update script. corrected backfill for cash drawer specific driver.
  3. Added custom report generator for Inventory and Inventory Reorder reports. Reports can now be grouped by any attribute and sorted by any report column.
  4. Updated activation link within registration screen.
  5. Removed sort column names from report generator code. Sort columns are now assigned and passed to the report generator before the form is displayed.
  6. Updated security crypto methods.
  7. Added more validation around printer font during print test within Options.
  8. Added more validation around print test button when using OPOS driver. The button used to be disabled if a printer for other drivers was not selected... this is fixed.
  9. Added initial implementation of emailing receipts. Employees can now send email receipts from the POS follow-up screen. If a customer is assigned to the transaction, the customer's email is the default email.