1. Added Donation payment type.
  2. Added Repeat transaction button to history screen.
  3. Added Time Clock module option.
  4. Added Custom Sales Report Generator to allow sales reports to be viewed by any attribute.
  5. Added ability to create a Gift Card manually without a transaction.
  6. Added user activity logging throughout management screens, data viewing and export, manager overrides and various other pos related tasks. See the employee activity report for details.
  7. Updated email error handling.
  8. Fixed email validation to properly focus after email port error.
  9. Turned off LotHill bug reporting option for smtp server related messages. These are just server configuration issues and not are not tied to CashFootprint functionality
  10. Added disable of Send Email Test button as well as cursor change when button is clicked. This informs the user that the software is busy.
  11. Added additional checks for printer font.
  12. Added new receipt configuration for the last 4 digits of a card on credit/debit card payments. The system will require the last 4 by default, but this can be switched to optional when using manual card processing.
  13. Added the ability to configure currency denominations used for cash drawer reconciliation. Default is US currency.
  14. Added user permission: "Allow user to refund transactions". Manager override is required if the logged in user does not have adequate permission to refund a transaction. This permission verification is in place within the transaction history screen as well as the main POS screen.
  15. Added on hand value for selected item on the receiving screen under the detail section as well as the grid.
  16. Separated the cash drawer from the receipt printer by adding an independent driver and printer/device selection.