1. Added customer columns to open and transaction history screens.
  2. Added Tracking Status filter to open transaction screen.
  3. Added version number update when the software starts up.  This can now be seen in Tools > Options > Data Source tab.  The current terminal is highlighted in green.  This feature easily allows you to see what version of CashFootprint the terminals are using.  They should all be the same!
  4. Added a receipt printer option for printing Merchant receipt.  This is on by default.
  5. Fixed GC issues where cards are being entered into the system when a transaction is saved or voided.
  6. Fixed POS grid scroll bar.
  7. Added Gift Cards to the Manage menu to allow users to activate, close or delete gift cards from the system.
  8. Added a user permission to  control user access to the new Manage > Gift Card features.
  9. Added GC card number to the receipt when sold.  The note appears directly below the item on the receipt.
  10. Fixed the inventory search grid.  It will now allow resizing of the columns.
  11. Added a Long Description to the Item setup screen.  See the Specialty tab.  This is what we’ll use to populate the Website when the time comes.