We skipped a few revs due to some concentrated debugging on a external alhpa subscriber's QA system.


  1. Adjusted Z report to include actual totals for cash, check and cards.
  2. Added cash +/- and starting cash to Z report.
  3. Added terminal grouping to allow the store to use shared drawers by grouping terminals together for Z out reporting purposes.
  4. Fixed inventory Save function.  Auto Update OnHand was getting turned off if the General tab was not visible.
  5. Started modification of item and customer search screens in prep for new Quick-Sell button layout.
  6. Updated icons for Previous and Next buttons on the paged grid views.
  7. Added Physical Inventory Update to allow users to use an external file to do a mass override of the OnHand quantity.  Users can either overwrite the OnHand or Append to it isin a comma delimited file.  (format: SKU, Quantity)
  8. Cash Drawer Adjustments will now open the drawer and start a session if the drawer or session has not already been opened.