Release: 09/21/2013


  1. Added granular permissions for the report menu.  New permissions include Customer, Employee, Inventory, Payments, Sales and Void report permissions.
  2. Added new permissions and manager override for Cash Drawer Adjustments.
  3. Added ability to close all open terminals when closing the store.  If you forget to close the drawers and print the xout reports, this feature will allow for automatic closing of open drawers.
  4. Fixed receipt header and footer centering.  Centering was not working if a new line was entered as part of the header or footer.
  5. Fixed the manual credit card info screen.  If a zero padded card number was supplied it would drop the leading zeros if the onscreen keypad was used.
  6. Updated the gift card account screen to accept 20 digits vs 16.
  7. Added the ability to apply pos discounts to the selected or all items in a transaction in one step.  Simply select the Selected or All button on the Discount screen.
  8. Updated credit card fields to read track 2 only when track1 not supplied.  This happens with some types of gift cards.
  9. Updated the inventory summary report.  We expanded the columns to give more room for the sales values.  Higher sales businesses such as jewelers were seeing hashed values instead of real amounts.
  10. Enhanced the POS Apply Tax toolbar button.  A change sales tax screen will now appear when there are items in the list.  This will allow users to adjust sales tax for all or selected items as well as adjust how the taxes are applied going forward.
  11. Fixed item count on receipts and pos screen when using random weight barcodes. Count was showing weight not item count.
  12. Fixed Item Detail Clear Notes button. Focus now goes back to Notes text box after hitting the button.
  13. When the system is setup to not require a password, the Login and Manager Override screens do not ask for the password which is correct; however, the Manager Override screen exposed the username in plain text when entered and did not mask it as expected. This issue has been fixed.
  14. Added a manager field for employees. This will create a hierarchy and allow for additional control over how employee records can be modified. The default for all employees will be the person adding them.
  15. Added an employee Time Clock module. Employees can now clock in and out to track their time. Users with proper permission can view time clock reports and manage clock in/out entries.
  16. Added a Cash Drawer Adjustments report to view all drawer adjustments made by date or employee.
  17. Fixed Xout and Zout Discount amount figure. We are now using the formula Qty * (Orig Price - Sale Price) to determine discounts per item. Only Discounts on these reports are affected.
  18. Fixed end of day printing options. Proper reports will now print and print with the proper selections (summary/detail)