Release Date: 08/24/2013



  1. Added ability to save end of day reports to any folder on the computer or network.
  2. Added ability to email end-of-day reports to a preset email account.
  3. Enhanced email dll to allow for attachments and relay proper errors when encountered.
  4. Fixed Credit transaction refund to Store Credit.  Was not allowing amounts over 0.
  5. Added pence 0.20 and 2.00 bill to the cash drawer reconciliation screen.
  6. Fixed Other payment button calculation.  If Credit/debit is not available, check gets moved out of the Other collection, but still updated the Other total.
  7. Added sales incentive (spiff) override for bundles and extended pricing.
  8. Added sale detail panel under sale list to show total items being sold, and assigned sales person.
  9. Added ability to assign a sales person so a transaction.  Default is logged in user.  A new toolbar button is available for changing the sales person.  You may also click on the text that displays the current sales person within the sale detail panel.
  10. Added employee commission settings under Inventory > Specialty tab and Employee > Commissions tab.  Commissions can be disabled for certain items but is on for all items by default.  Employee can earn commissions on Gross subtotal or net profit of items.  Commission is a percent. 
  11. Added employee commission report and sales incentive (spiff) reports.
  12. Added new inventory Item Type called Assembled Item.  This type is similar to creating a bundle; however, the main item will be the only item added to the sale list.  The linked items will not appear in the list, but their on hand quantities will be updated when the transaction is processed.  Ex: A candle, computer or coffee consist of many different products but are sold collectively as a single item.
  13. Enhanced Sales Tax Report to ensure transactions with the same number are not grouped together incorrectly.
  14. Enhanced Update to ensure proper REST API method and cache policies were being used.