Release Date: 6/24/2013



  1. Fixed new deployment bug where database script was failing upon initial creation of CashFootprint database.
  2. Added SPIFF to inventory screen to allow tracking of earned sales incentives by employees.  Due to a cusom request we also added a report to view earnings by customer.
  3. Updated Excel file handling to user GemBox Spreadsheet.  This enables CashFootprint users to import and export Excel files without having Microsoft Office installed on their machines.
  4. Add user permission to allow changing sales tax at point of sale.
  5. Add user permission to allow users to export raw data.  Previously this was controlled by access to Options.
  6. All reports are able to export to various formats, but now we've added the ability to export the raw data behind the report to an Excel file.  Access to this feature is controlled by the new user ppermission mentioned in bullet 5 above.
  7. Enhanced barcode printing.  Still not available to public.