To obtain this version, join our tester's network and go back to CashFootprint and check for updates. If you prefer a direct download, use the link below. Please uninstall any older versions first. (DO NOT UNINSTALL SQL SERVER or your data may be lost.)

Always make a backup of your data before changing versions.

Direct link: www.lothill.com/downloads/public/

This version is still in progress, please check back for further added features.

  1. Updated QuickSell screen.  It was set to always be on top, but this was causing issues with other screens.  We removed the on top setting.
  2. Added ability to add multiple QuickSell buttons at one time.  When adding QuickSell items, the Item Search screen will allow selection of more than one item.
  3. Fixed refund screen. If the item originally sold was a random weight item we log it in the database. When we retrieve the items in a transaction for a refund we format the grid to display 3 decimal places and also allow decimals to be entered to 3 points in the change quantity screen.